Darmy Adeleke is a youth minister and musician rolled into one, Damilola’s habit is to stick out her neck and say, “look-see-change!” She has never been one to settle for status quo and her songs will give worshippers something that will genuinely engage them.

Baba Ese – One thing that is required, but very hard to give is “THANKS”. A lot of reasons are behind this, but one that stands out is this: sometimes, English Language waters down the depth of the meaning of what we actually intend to say. The beauty of tribal languages like Yoruba is that it bridges this gap by helping us truly express our gratitude to God. Darmy Adeleke’s new traditional single BABA ESE is a worship medley with no exception that fuses english and yoruba effectively, digs into the depths of our hearts and pulls out our gratitude to God the way we truly intend. Get your grove on, and give thanks!!!


My God – Worship to God is not only a privilege we have as believers: it is an art that we learn. Through the good times and bad times. It’s something we must do. Don’t wait till the choir leads you to worship every Sunday. Lead yourself to worship irrespective of your situation as you sing Dammy Adeleke’s new tune – My God. Be blessed!!!




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