To achieve its objective of enhancing health care delivery, the NMA, AKS branch will organize an awareness and sensitization campaign on Friday December 1 to commemorate World AIDS Day 2017.

World AIDS day is a day set aside globally to create and sustain awareness on the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has killed 39 million people with 78 million people being infected since the discovery of the virus in 1983.
Sadly, Nigeria has the second largest HIV/AIDS epidemic in the world and has one of the highest new infection rates in Sub-Saharan Africa. About 3.2 million Nigerians live with HIV.

In 2013, 220,393 new infections occurred while 210,031 people died from AIDS-related causes.

Most unfortunately, Akwa Ibom State with a prevalence rate of 10.8% (based on the 2014 Antenatal sentinel survey), is the second highest in the country and this has persisted for more than 6 years now.

This therefore calls for a more vigorous and strategic planning of interventions to prevent the further spread of this deadly virus that is killing our people, destroying the future of young people and making children to become orphans.

To mark this year’s world AIDS day celebration, we think that the approach in fighting HIV/AIDS has to change from the conventional methods of organizing seminars and symposium to other methods that maybe less conventional but effective.

It is based on the aforementioned that The NMA will embark on the street campaign and music concert tagged ZiP UP with a target audience of audience of 5,000 people majority of whom will be young people in the vulnerable age group (20- 24 years) that positive behavioural changes can still be elicited.

A number of notable musical artistes and stand up comedians have already accepted to perform on that day. Some of them include; Mista Xto, Zillionz, General Odey, UNIK, Emy P, Diamond Lucas etc.

The street campaign / music concert is scheduled to hold at the popular Maitama at Ewet Housing Estate Uyo on Friday December 1 by 5pm.

In its desire to make this campaign a success, The NMA, AKS branch through its chairman Dr Aniekeme Uwah (JP) invites you to an evening of counselling and Testing, sensitization, music, comedy and more. Make it a date with the NMA!



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