Chiegwu Nicholas Chibuzo who is understood as Kleff G, is an artist,lyricist and an Entertainer. He is from Enugu State in Nigeria. He is an undergraduate of IMT Enugu. His first single which he dropped early a year ago titled ‘Uto nwa’ that made waves nationwide, Nigeria has demonstrated what a artist he will be, he later dropped another hot single titled ‘U 2 hot’. With the discharging of his new single titled ‘Kekwu Dance’ which was created by One of most prominent hit creator of Made Men Music, Selebobo highlighting him with another basest artist Jimi PJ. I trust he is the home slender and the unique one. Kekwu is a BoKi dialect which implies bone, Boki is in cross-river state What’s more, a tune for all, It’s a vitality move, so you should be fit before moving. It has no limit.