The BlackMarket E.p by Lazughi is his debut music compilation it features a couple of

artistes producers and writers this is a body of work you wouldn’t believe can come from the underground its is a 7track E.p which is unusual and all the songs in it are FIRE. Lazughi is a fast rising all-round creative content creator the album art was created by him and most of the songs where co-produce by him.. he’s also a graphic designer set designer video production manager.. amongst other disciplines on the creative entertainmemt industry.
  1. Watch the throne: DOWNLOAD
  2. Gyal Gone CrazyDOWNLOAD
  3. Rum and Juice: DOWNLOAD
  4. Curve: DOWNLOAD
  5. Taste it: DOWNLOAD
  6. Bamilole: DOWNLOAD
  7. Another Round: DOWNLOAD