Kennson Famous @kennsonphamous - SEXY MAMA

Charming and interesting Gbajumo Kehinde popularly known as Kennson P before his recent rebranding that completely changed his self-image and name to Kennson Famous has dropped a Caribbean Reggae Tune. Its no new thing as the saying women rules the world and in addition with money makes the world goes round. Guess this exactly what sings as a song in Kennson Famous’s mind as he cooked up yet another party starter song for the Sexy Ladies, Divas, and Mamas out there to acknowledge the beauty and sexual power all women are endowed with “Sexy Mama”. This Kelvin Little kinda song is been spiced up with Reggae Tune and Pop vibe beat to heat up Clubs and Parties. Its been produced by Jasen blu of Mental Magic Digital Emotions (MMDe).