“I thought I had seen the last breed of gentlemen so far. I thought I had seen them become novelties, like familiar

characters in beloved old movies but there came along a man whose name was Ric Hassani. His musical progression is just like a unicorn – a strong African unicorn that has renewed the hope of women, most especially me.” – Stephanie Nwannukwu (Truth Music Author).

Have you read the recent release of our e-Mag? Stephanie takes us on a whole new journey on this story she wrote and Interview she had with The African Gentleman – Ric Hassani. This piece will certainly blow your mind away.
On this feature, Ric Hassani listed 5 things the public barely know about him. They include;

I wear medicated glasses
I can’t fry plantain.
Both my parents are Professors.
I have a master’s degree.
I HATE the gym and hate working out.