Ash Hamman is best known for his previous hits such as ‘Body n Soul’, ‘Im Sorry’ , ‘Over’ and now ‘Wahala’. This hot new Afro pop / RnB track is certainly another up-tempo banger, ‘WAHALA’ featuring Orezi and Igho. The Afro-beat based song “Wahala” which means “Trouble” has caused shock waves in the markets it has been launched in and the video is definitely going to achieve massive appeal based on the concept as well as level of detail focused on the project. It is one of the most expensive and stylish videos in the last few years. The video was shot in Dubai and directed by Ash Hamman and Hanoz Navdar, showcases the lifestyle and appeal of Dubai as a frontier-market for music as well as a well-versed travel destination.
While being interviewed, Ash Hamman said that, “Currently, in the market everyone is doing something
similar to the next artist; with the video for Wahala, I want to give the fans something they will enjoy to
watch as well as listen. I want to take the industry to another level of video production as well as quality of
content.” It seems that Ash Hamman is back and how fitting could it be that he will cause “Trouble” within the music