The Otuekong Ikwo of Akwa Ibom Icekyd Banton releases 2 singles (a Video & an audio) to mark his birthday, today, 5th of May 2016. ‘Ankara’ video, directed by Visual Ice of MAVIN RECORDS, was shot in choice locations in Eket, and Onna, Akwa Ibom State where Icekyd hails from. The song is inspired to celebrate God’s gift to Africans in the creative ingenuity of their fabrics popularly known as Ankara.
While ‘Okada & Keke’ is dedicated to the millions of middle and lower class citizens whose living depends on their riding of the Motor Cycle (Okada) or the Tricycle (Keke), a profession Icekyd himself had tried before heeding to the musical call and becoming successful with wealth and accolades to show for it.
Icekyd is signed to his self owned label, Skyddy Records, an affiliate of Natural Records. Both songs are produced by his personal producer, Shebongky Beatz. The best birthday gift for Icekyd is for everyone to have his new songs..