Orji Kingsley Bright A.K.A Kelar Thrillz, hails from olru LGA in Imo State. Kelar is a multi talent, he is a rapper/singer/choreographer. He has worked with notable gospel artists like Gaise baba, Psalmos, segun obe, Anita barn, Sokleva (Rooftop MC’s), Okey Sokay to mention a few, Loves hip hop, Rock, Afro and Jazz music. He is a member of FIX CREW INC. a christian Dance group who have danced and ministered on many platform in Nigeria.

He is GREATLY inspired by various Gospel artist that he has danced for as part of FIX Inc. , members of the team and the word of God which is his guide and message to the world. His mission by God’s grace is to greatly inspire every child/youth around the world who thinks being a Christian is boring or cliché, using the best PRAISE tools… MUSIC & DANCE!!! Please find the youtube link below and the MP3 in case you missed out on the AUDIO.